Sobriety and stupidity

By October 28, 2006 No Comments

Vanity Fair (Tom & Katie)So today marks the 41st day since I last had a drink and it is kind of reassuring to note that my capacity to do stupid things remains undiminished by sobriety. Like last night, for example, setting the alarm on my mobile phone so I wouldn’t miss Friends With Money at the Penthouse but forgetting to turn the ringer on so it would actually make a noise. I was saved by the vibrate function on the bedside table but there would have been hell to pay if I’d missed my film: in order to see everything that comes out each week, and still fulfill my obligations to Downstage and family, my diary has a military precision to it that brooks no interference.

Yesterday I also managed to lose the bag that contained my notes from The Wind That Shakes the Barley as well as the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Vanity Fair which I had almost finished reading. Luckily there are no further casualties but it was a good bag and it will take a while to find an equivalent at the same price (i.e free).