Black Magic reviews Eagle vs. Shark

By August 1, 2007 2 Comments

Flying in the face of the embargo, Black Magic reviews Eagle vs. Shark:

If you’re into comedies this is definitely a must-see.

Huh? Who isn’t “into comedies”? Have you ever met anyone who said, “I’m not really into comedies, I don’t really like laughing.”

It doesn’t get you very far on the Internet dating sites, does it? “Good sense of humour required, but not in a cinematic way, I prefer dramas: laughter in a picture theatre doesn’t do that much for me, sorry.”

My review of Eagle vs. Shark will appear here on Wednesday 15 August, the same day it will appear in the Capital Times and, hopefully, it will make more sense than that.

Sorry, I am grumpy that Ingmar Bergman just died and all the obituaries have done is remind me how many of his films I haven’t seen.

UPDATE: Bugger this. I go to GreenCine Daily to find a good Bergman link and find that Michel Serrault and Michelangelo Antonioni also died this week (plus László Kovács, already noted). Antonioni’s The Passenger was one of my top three films in last year’s Film Festival.