“philistines, foes of art, craven bottom-liners, vulgarians” ... and us

By February 23, 2011 3 Comments

A dispiriting portrait of the current commercial cinema from Mark Harris in GQ:

Such an unrelenting focus on the sell rather than the goods may be why so many of the dispiritingly awful movies that studios throw at us look as if they were planned from the poster backward rather than from the good idea forward. Marketers revere the idea of brands, because a brand means that somebody, somewhere, once bought the thing they’re now trying to sell.

[From The Day the Movies Died: Movies + TV: GQ]

This is sadly a must-read for anyone who still enjoys going to the pictures but is wondering why they still bother.

Interestingly, this is the third GQ article I have linked to here in the last 12 months (Shatner and Shandling) and yet I still maintain my subscription to Esquire and haven’t actually bought a GQ in nearly 15 years. I may need to reassess that.


  • mafalda says:

    You made me realise I actually do not wonder why I still bother. I just go and enjoy.
    Very interesting article though!