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When we meet Texan man’s man Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) at the beginning of Dallas Buyers Club he is a mess – a shocking, disreputable, selfish combination of drunk, thief, womaniser and gambler. He doesn’t look so hot either. Soon after that, during a routine hospital check – routine for Ron is the equivalent of …


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It’s one of those rare sunny Saturday afternoons in Wellington and I have work to do. But I’m not going to do that work because it doesn’t look like much fun and — for once — writing tiny film reviews seems like the better option. Leanne Pooley made New Zealand’s most successful documentary ever in 2009 …


Review: Alan Partridge- Alpha Papa

by Dan on January 3, 2014

in Cinema and Reviews

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa poster

Most big films get a special level of promotion before they are unleashed on the general public – they get we call a ‘radio preview’. This is where a couple of hundred random citizens turn up at a cinema having won tickets to a film they can’t remember the name of, get jollied along by a …


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I went into The Turning in the dark and in some ways I wish I hadn’t and in others I’m glad I did. I’ll see if I can explain. The film is a collection of related shorts, each based on a single story from Tim Winton’s acclaimed collection of the same name. That much I knew. […]


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Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon is the New Zealand’s number one morning show.


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Apart from the inescapable need to carve out a meagre living from an uncaring world, one of the reasons why these weekly updates have been something less than, well, weekly recently has been that most of the fare on offer at the pictures has been so uninspiring. Take Oliver Hirschbiegel’s Diana for example. It’s not a […]