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Welcome to the Rancho Notorious podcast

Rancho Notorious is a weekly podcast from New Zealand about movies and other cool stuff. Produced by Dan Slevin and co-hosted by Kailey Carruthers, the show features local and international guests, news, reviews, giveaways and competitions.

Our audience is committed and opinionated film fans — the kind of people who like to talk back to the hosts and share what they know.

Why Rancho Notorious? It was directed directed by Fritz Lang in 1952 and Herr Lang, of course, also gave this blog its name.

Check us out at the iTunes store or subscribe to the show at http://ranchonotorious.libsyn.com/rss.

You can give us feedback in the comments here, via Twitter at @RanchoPodcast, or by email to ranchonotorious@funeralsandsnakes.net. Letterboxd is coming but we’re steering clear of Facebook for the time being. Sorry, Facebookers.

We will also expect to have iPhone and Android apps to make listening and keeping up to date as easy as possible.

RN 2/6: Ebb Tide


Claire Querée, one of our exec producers from Vancouver, Canada, drops by to help us review David Tennant and Rosamund Pike in What We Did on Our Holiday, Ari Seth Cohen talks to Dan about his blog, book and movie Advanced Style and Dan and Kailey review The Drop and You’re Not You. Right-click to download this episode! Show Notes! Sundance Announces Final …

RN 2/5: Setting an Example


Dwarf Gloin (Peter Hambleton) is interviewed at the Wellington premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Dan and Kailey try — and fail — to interview Advanced Style director Lina Plioplyte in Lithuania so decide to review the film instead. Plus, winners of the Studio Ghibli competition are finally announced. Right-click to download this episode! Show Notes! Kailey …

RN 2/4: “It’s knowledge, bro.”


This week’s reviews: Jake Gyllenhaal is a psychopathic news cameraman in Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler, Jennifer Lawrence is a freedom fighter with some issues in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One and a tame capuchin monkey gets lost in the jungle in Amazonia 3D. Special guest Mike Dickison joins us to discuss the thorny subject of science in the movies — …

RN 2/3: Calling Occupants


Kailey and Dan do their best to review Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar but other, more interesting, films keep on getting in the way. Plus, James Cameron live via Skype at the Embassy Theatre Q&A for Deepsea Challenge 3D on Labour Monday. Right-click to download this episode! Show Notes! Quentin tarantino’s cinema in LA is called the New Beverly and it has digital projection facilities.


Dan and Kailey are joined by Sarah Watt, Liam Maguren, Tim Wong, David Larsen and Dominic Corry to celebrate the works of Ghibli, the famous Japanese animation studio, and talk about their favourite productions. They also review the Bill Murray vehicle St. Vincent and introduce the word “educashaming” to the world.   Right-click to download this episode! Show Notes! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dngOH9G4UPw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiQQC8pVuV8#action=share Tim Wong’s post “The …

RN 2/1.2: Saving Sgt. Pitt


The second half of this week’s show (featuring a special guest appearance from one of our exec producers Tony Pratt). Show Me Shorts film festival director Gina Dellabarca is interviewed and Tony and Dan review Brad Pitt in David Ayer’s Fury. Right-click to download this episode! Show Notes: Show Me Shorts official site L. M. “Kit” Carson dead at 73 — …

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