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Welcome to the Rancho Notorious podcast

Rancho Notorious is a weekly podcast from New Zealand about movies and other cool stuff. Produced by Dan Slevin and co-hosted by Kailey Carruthers, the show features local and international guests, news, reviews, giveaways and competitions.

Our audience is committed and opinionated film fans — the kind of people who like to talk back to the hosts and share what they know.

Why Rancho Notorious? It was directed directed by Fritz Lang in 1952 and Herr Lang, of course, also gave this blog its name.

Check us out at the iTunes store or subscribe to the show at http://ranchonotorious.libsyn.com/rss.

You can give us feedback in the comments here, via Twitter at @RanchoPodcast, or by email to ranchonotorious@funeralsandsnakes.net. Letterboxd is coming but we’re steering clear of Facebook for the time being. Sorry, Facebookers.

We will also expect to have iPhone and Android apps to make listening and keeping up to date as easy as possible.

RN 1/12: Telluride Dreams


We get an update on what Kailey has been up to overseas – the Telluride Film Festival and arriving in Chicago – and we both get to review Richard Linklater’s Oscar-tipped Boyhood and the authorised documentary about Nick Cave, 20,000 Days on Earth. Right-click to download this episode! Show notes: Lord of the Rings with live performance of Howard …

RN 1/11: The Chat Show


Kailey is in Telluride, Dan is in Wellington, Rene Naufahu from The Last Saint is in Auckland, Tara Judah from the Astor is in Melbourne, Darren Bevan and Simon and Joe from The Inbetweeners 2 are in Auckland. We also review Lucy and mention Game of Thrones. Right-click to download this episode! Show notes: Telluride Film Festival Some Chinese theatres are projecting patrons text messages …


Liam Maguren from flicks.co.nz joins Dan and Kailey to review the cross-cultural korma that is The Hundred-Foot Journey (starring Helen Mirren and Om Puri) and the explosive nostalgia-fest of Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables 3. Listen for a chance to win Glenn Kenny’s book Robert De Niro: Anatomy of an Actor (Glenn was interviewed in last week’s episode). Right-click to download this …

RN 1/9: Anatomy of a Rock


Dan and Kailey are joined by Mark Roulston to talk about his website Cinema Aotearoa and to review Dwayne Johnson in Hercules. Dan interviews Glenn Kenny about his new book, De Niro: Anatomy of an Actor. Also featuring — to Dan’s chagrin — the return of the Two Word Review. Right-click to download this episode! Show notes: Mark’s site: Cinema Aotearoa Glenn’s site: Some Came Running An excerpt from De …

RN 1/8: 21 Gunn Salute


Carter Nixon joins us to review the latest marvel from Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy – and costume designer Kate Hawley (The Lovely Bones, The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, Edge of Tomorrow) is in the studio to talk about designing for Guillermo Del Toro and Tom Cruise. All that plus the usual mix of news, box …

RN 1/7: Cliff-top


Fairfax group film reviewer Graeme Tuckett joins Dan and Kailey for a Dark Horse special — we review one of the best Kiwi films of all time and Dan interviews the stars, Cliff Curtis and James Rolleston. Also, new film with music Begin Again starring Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo. Right-click to download this episode! Show Notes: Crew Wellington — …

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