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RN 1/6b: Kumiko interview and NZIFF preview

By July 18, 2014 4 Comments


  • greg says:

    Hi Dan,
    avid reader of F&S and aural devourer of all things Rancho Notorious!
    query: On K.Ryan’s 9-Noon slot recently you mentioned a film DAWN FROM PLANET OF THE APES. As a huge fan of the ape films, I am excited! But having googled and imdb’d and OnFilm’d etc for this title, have come up with a blank. When is it coming out?

  • greg says:

    Sorry! I didnt get the joke, just assumed, in my excitement, that it was going to be a new installment in the ‘Apes’ universe! I take it that if there was a DAWN OF THE APES sequel she would be the lead female ape! ( joking, of course!):-D

  • greg says:

    hey guys!
    l o v e d the last pocast!

    i cannot WAIT to see Cliff curtis in dark horse. YES! its Oscar time! good call, Kailee!