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buddy hackett

The Wisdom of Buddy

By Asides

Buddy Hackett talk­ing about work­ing in Vegas, quoted by Ebert:

I was offered twice the dough to move to a cer­tain hotel,” he told me, “but noth­ing doing. Comics who work that room always flop. There’s a phys­ic­al reas­on for that. The stage is above the eye lines of too much of the audi­ence. At the Sahara, the seats are banked and most of the audi­ence is look­ing down at the stage. Everybody in the busi­ness knows: Up for sing­ers, down for com­ics. The people want to ideal­ize a sing­er. They want to feel super­i­or to a com­ic. You’re try­ing to make them laugh. They can­’t laugh at someone they’re look­ing up to.”