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doug dillaman Archives - Funerals & Snakes

RN 1/18: Backlash

By Audio, Cinema, Rancho Notorious and Reviews

Dan and Kailey are joined by Doug Dillaman from Lumiere Reader to discuss two new music-themed films: jazz drum drama Whiplash and the Mick Jagger-produced biography of James Brown, Get On Up. Dan also talks to Aaron Yap from NZ’s Fatso DVD-by-mail service about the state of home video and hi-definition in this country.

Listen as Doug accidentally X‑rates a perfectly innocent biopic!

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RN 1/5: Dawn, from the Planet of the Apes

By Audio and Rancho Notorious

Kailey is sick this week so Doug Dillaman fills in along with special guest Sarah Watt from the Sunday Star-Times: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Calvary are reviewed and Dan interviews Dan Barrett from Weta Digital about performance captured apes. (Sorry, this one is a bit epic. We need a clock in the studio.

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RN 1/4: Introducing Jake

By Audio and Rancho Notorious

Doug Dillaman joins Kailey and Dan to do three things — tell us about his feature film Jake which is screening in Auckland at the moment and arrives in Wellington next week; he helps us review the new Transformers: Age of Extinction which may or may not have made it to US$100m in box office on opening weekend; and we chat about the delightful animated French film Ernest and Celestine which finally opens around the country today.

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Cinematica 3/23: True Love

By Audio and Cinema

Cinematica_iTunes_300_crop[iframe style=“border:none” src=“” height=“100” width=“280” scrolling=“no”]

This week: Alyx Duncan’s The Red House, guest reviewer Doug Dillaman (@dillamonster) tells us what it was like to see and hear Crispin Hellion Glover in Auckland, Kailey reviews Mark Wahlberg in Broken City and Simon’s topic is a different city, A Lady in Paris.

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