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edge of tomorrow

RN 1/8: 21 Gunn Salute

By Audio, Cinema, Rancho Notorious, Reviews

Carter Nixon joins us to review the latest mar­vel from Marvel – Guardians of the Galaxy – and cos­tume design­er Kate Hawley (The Lovely Bones, The Hobbit, Pacific Rim, Edge of Tomorrow) is in the stu­dio to talk about design­ing for Guillermo Del Toro and Tom Cruise. All that plus the usu­al mix of news, box office stats and gos­sip from Dan and Kailey.

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Rancho Notorious 1/1: The Pilot

By Audio, Rancho Notorious

Yup, this is what all the fuss has been about. The logo has been beau­ti­fully art dir­ec­ted by Alice Brash and designed by Lisa Moes. Now it’s up to us.

In which we iron out a few of the kinks and get an idea about what this thing actu­ally might resemble.

This week, Dan and Kailey are joined by TVNZ’s Darren Bevan to review Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, The Fault in Our Stars (star­ring Shailene Woodley) and NZ indie Fantail are reviewed and Sam McCosh reports from Australia on the Sydney Film Festival.

Thanks to all our pledgers — we give you all a shoutout in the show, espe­cially our exec­ut­ive producers.

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