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Cinematica 4/03: Feeding Off Celebrity

By Audio and Cinematica

Cinematica_iTunes_200_cropIs Brandon Cronenberg a chip off the old block? We look at Antiviral to find out, ballet hopefuls put themselves through hell in First Position and guest host Sarah Watt gives us the lowdown on Jurassic Park 3D and what it’s like to go on a star-studded Star Trek junket.

Review: Iron Man 3, First Position and Identity Thief

By Cinema and Reviews


Whatever they are paying Robert Downey Jr. to play Iron Man, it is is worth every penny. Iron Man 3, the third instalment in his own branch of the Marvel Universe series that also features Captain America, The Mighty Thor and The Hulk is hurtling towards a billion dollars of box office revenues and might just have broken even on the $200m production costs by the time you read this.

Iron man 3 posterI’m not sure that there is a better technician in commercial cinema than Downey. Even when he is poorly — or not even — directed in films like the last Sherlock Holmes or the last Iron Man, he is never less than watchable, but when he is challenged by a director and the material he is up there with the best ever. The name Cary Grant just popped in to my head and I think the comparison is reasonable.

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