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miriam ross

Cinematica: Tinkerology

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In today’s epis­ode: We’re joined once again by our favour­ite movie aca­dem­ic, Miriam Ross, to help us talk about Scorsese’s Hugo and the latest devel­op­ments in 3D; Simon will sum up the Cold War thrill­er Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, I’ll get a tour of Moscow while being chased by ali­ens in The Darkest Hour and Kailey learns how to whis­per to horses with the new doc­u­ment­ary Buck.

Introducing Cinematica (Episode Two)

By Audio, Cinema, Cinematica

In today’s pro­gramme (ori­gin­ally pos­ted on 25 October 2011): 

Kailey spins some Beautiful Lies about the latest Audrey Tautou film, I’ll bring Paranormal Activity 3 out of the murk and, with the help of spe­cial guest Miriam Ross, our 3D expert, we’ll see wheth­er Wim Wenders sweeps us off our feet with his new dance doc­u­ment­ary Pina.