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steve gray

RN 2/11: Wild in the country

By Audio, Cinema, Rancho Notorious, Reviews

Online com­ment­at­or, review­er and racon­teur Steve Gray joins Kailey and Dan on the line from Hamilton, New Zealand, to help review Reese Witherspoon in Wild, Julianne Moore in Still Alice and Johnny Depp in Mortdecai. Steve also has top TV watch­ing tips for 2015 includ­ing Adam Curtis’ Bitter Lake.

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Cinematica 3/13: Do you hear the actors “sing”?

By Audio, Cinematica

Cinematica_iTunes_200_cropSteve Gray, former film review­er for TV’s Good Morning show and blog­ger at joins us: Steve and Simon wrestle over Les Misérables, Tom Cruise is back in Jack Reacher and Woody Allen con­tin­ues his European tour in To Rome With Love.