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Vinyl Vault – “NZ Music”

Weird Culture - Weird Custom (1986)

Weird Culture - Weird Custom (1986) was, as far as I know, the first record release co-ordinated by the entire New Zealand student radio network. There were twelve tracks on the album, two chosen by each of the six member stations.  Radio Active selected the two  to represent Wellington: cow-punk combo the Crawbilly Creeps with ...

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The first of my vinyl memories posts caused a tiny flurry of excitement so I thought I'd make it a weekly affair - as I go through the collection deciding what to keep and what to flip. (Spoiler Alert: All of it!) Back in 1983 I was loving music - pretty much all of it - ...


Vinyl memories

I've been carting around boxes of vinyl records from flat to flat and house to house since I was a kid. Lots of my records were bought from the plentiful record stores around the East End of London where I grew up and therefore carried half way around the world when we emigrated to New ...

Lloyd Cole tour poster

Lloyd Cole came to town on Monday night and played some Lloyd Cole songs. With two excellent musicians (Americans Matt Cullen and Mark Schwaber) by his side, Cole gave us a few stripped down versions of his 80s hits but the focus was on more recent material, heavily skewed towards his latest album, Broken Record. ...


A bargain

From the Large Hearted Boy: On sale at Amazon MP3: the 36-track Stroke: Songs for Chris Knox compilation album (featuring Jeff Mangum, the Mountain Goats, Stephin Merritt, Portastatic, and many others) for $3.99. If the whole thing is only US$3.99, how much money does Chris actually get? Because I thought that was the point of the exercise.


A music review so I don't have to

At Object Dart, Che reviews The Woolshed Sessions and a very thoughtful review it is: ... if I had to review it in only two words? Those words would be ‘perfect diction”.

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