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What she said

By February 6, 2006July 14th, 2019No Comments

You know I swore blind when I started thinking about this, er, blog that I wouldn’t propogate the site with simple Me too’s and still consider them to be advancing the discourse. This is supposed to be a vehicle for my writing, such as it is, and pointing people to readily accessible online resources without additional commentary doesn’t seem like it adds a whole lot of value.

But I’ve been bothered all weeekend about a topic that is consuming much of the world’s attention and had finally got to a point where I felt I could write about it when I read this by Tze Ming Mok at Public Address. Angrier than me, no doubt, but all the better for that. I might have been a bit more equivocal but I like Tze Ming’s approach better:

Amid the fiery noble talk of a free press, one question seems to need a little more attention, and it does not really have anything to do with freedom of speech: Must you people be such cunts?

And, while you read the piece remember that Monsoon Poon are owned by the same crowd as One Red Dog so you can direct your opinions at them too.

Disclaimer: In the usual blogging way, the relationship between Monsoon Poon and One Red Dog has not been fact-checked and may no longer be the case, if it ever was. I’m pretty sure, though.