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What she said

By February 6, 2006July 14th, 2019No Comments

You know I swore blind when I star­ted think­ing about this, er, blog that I would­n’t pro­pog­ate the site with simple Me too’s and still con­sider them to be advan­cing the dis­course. This is sup­posed to be a vehicle for my writ­ing, such as it is, and point­ing people to read­ily access­ible online resources without addi­tion­al com­ment­ary doesn’t seem like it adds a whole lot of value.

But I’ve been bothered all weeek­end about a top­ic that is con­sum­ing much of the world’s atten­tion and had finally got to a point where I felt I could write about it when I read this by Tze Ming Mok at Public Address. Angrier than me, no doubt, but all the bet­ter for that. I might have been a bit more equi­voc­al but I like Tze Ming’s approach better:

Amid the fiery noble talk of a free press, one ques­tion seems to need a little more atten­tion, and it does not really have any­thing to do with free­dom of speech: Must you people be such cunts?

And, while you read the piece remem­ber that Monsoon Poon are owned by the same crowd as One Red Dog so you can dir­ect your opin­ions at them too.

Disclaimer: In the usu­al blog­ging way, the rela­tion­ship between Monsoon Poon and One Red Dog has not been fact-checked and may no longer be the case, if it ever was. I’m pretty sure, though.