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New Year's Stocktake

By January 1, 2007No Comments

I under­stand from talk­ing to mates that this blog has at least one reg­u­lar read­er des­pite almost all the mater­i­al pos­ted here being avail­able in a freely dis­trib­uted loc­al news­pa­per. And hav­ing at least one read­er means I should start tak­ing this thing a bit more ser­i­ously and post a bit more often.

I’ve got one more week before I have to go back to Downstage and work for a liv­ing again but I want to re-boot the blog a little before then. I read the oth­er day that there are 20 mil­lion aban­doned blogs about the place and I don’t want this one to join them.

On the to-do list for this week is to upgrade the head­er, write an “about” page, tidy up the blogroll, add some funky stuff from and find out why I can­’t embed YouTube video without break­ing the layout.

I’m also work­ing on a post­ing sched­ule that will include more than just cinema: music, magazines, books, food, etc. Deadlines = dis­cip­line. I’ve re-discovered that thanks to Aaron and the Capital Times team.

Radio being my first love, dur­ing the year I want to exper­i­ment with pod­cast­ing to see if I can actu­ally make decent radio hap­pen from my office. It would make me very happy if I can pull it off.

Also, this week I have to catch up on the films released since my last column (yes­ter­day was dis­func­tion­al roy­al fam­il­ies day with The Queen and Marie Antoinette as a double-feature at the Penthouse. Tonight I vis­it the Empire for big-budget Hollywood night: Night at the Museum and Deja  Vu.

Anyway, to my reg­u­lar read­er (if Bryn has­n’t giv­en up by now…) and any passers-by: Happy New Year. I’m totally up for it for the first time in decades.