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By June 23, 20093 Comments

Once again I stop by simply to apologise for the lack of updates and for the reviews arriving so late as to be all but useless to a Wellington cinema-goer. What can I say? Life’s been a bitch. But things are looking up. Today I finished reading “Sag Harbor” by Colson Whitehead at 2am, just in time to review it for Nine to Noon later this morning. In between I managed 650 words for the Capital Times on Gomorrah, The Proposal and A Bunch of Amateurs.

Things should be getting easier over the next few weeks, but Film Festival is almost upon us and I have a stack of preview DVDs to get through. By the weekend I should have got all the outstanding reviews up, and the “now showing” to your right will make some sense too. I’m even threatening to update WordPress to 2.8 and the blog theme too.

Tonight, though, I intend to have some dinner out of the microwave, put the feet up on the couch and watch at least one stored episode of Top Gear so it feels like a night off.