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Music Industry – The Missing Money

By April 17, 2008No Comments

If the CD mar­ket has dropped from $14.2b to $10b in less than10 years, what is the money being spent on instead? From the latest edi­tion of Esquire, Chuck Klosterman reports:

And while we’ll nev­er know exactly where all those bones dis­ap­peared, my spe­cif­ic the­ory is this: A lot of the money not spent on music in the twenty-first cen­tury is being used to pay off credit-card debt that was incurred dur­ing the nineties. In oth­er words, not pay­ing for In Rainbows today is help­ing people elim­in­ate the bal­ance they still owe for buy­ing Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness when they were broke in 1995.

And, for no bet­ter reas­on than I want to try the “Add media” but­ton in WP2.5, here’s Pinkard & Bowden’s amus­ing par­ody of “Islands in the Stream” (“Music Industry”) from 1985:

Pinkard & Bowden PG-13 Album CoverPinkard & Bowden – Music Industry (1985)