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A good idea

By August 5, 2008No Comments

I love this idea:

Speaking of caring, though, no dis­cus­sion about cof­fee would be com­plete without men­tion­ing the Neapolitan tra­di­tion of the “caffè pagato”, the paid-for cof­fee. What hap­pens is after you’ve con­sumed your cus­tom­ary morn­ing espresso some­times you’ll choose to pay double, and leave a paid-for cof­fee. Thanks to this prac­tice, the place will be able to cater for a few known cus­tom­ers who could­n’t oth­er­wise afford their daily tazzulella ‘e cafè, without them hav­ing to ask or you hav­ing to offer.

I’d like to think it might save some of our beloved seni­ors from hav­ing to beg for the free cups at McDonald’s.
[via a post by Giovanni Tiso in the epic cof­fee thread at Public Address System]