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Back to the vinyl vault - Z.Z. Hill

By May 9, 2011No Comments

The first of my vinyl memor­ies posts caused a tiny flurry of excite­ment so I thought I’d make it a weekly affair – as I go through the col­lec­tion decid­ing what to keep and what to flip. (Spoiler Alert: All of it!)

Back in 1983 I was lov­ing music – pretty much all of it – but I was going through a pretty enthu­si­ast­ic Northern soul phase. Thanks to a series of Kent/Modern com­pil­a­tions put out by British enthu­si­asts I was hear­ing all sorts of stir­ring stuff. I even thought for a while I might try and col­lect the whole set.

Kent’s For Dancers Only com­pil­a­tion (1982)

This track is from the first of the Kent/Modern col­lec­tions – called For Dancers Only – and it con­tains tracks by Mary Wells, early Ike & Tina Turner, and acts called The Marvellos, The Intentions and The Saints. It was bought while I was on hol­i­day with the fam­ily at a record shop in Torquay. This is “Gimme Gimme” by Z.Z. Hill.

[audio:|titles=Z.Z. Hill “Gimme Gimme” (1966)]

For Dancers Only has been reis­sued and is avail­able on vinyl, a rare CD ver­sion and (if you’re in the right ter­rit­ory) a digit­al down­load but the above track is from my own ori­gin­al vinyl.

By the way, I’ve always thought that someone should write a nov­el about the Northern soul exper­i­ence and it looks like someone has: Paul McDonald’s “Do I Love You?”