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“a girl in a convertible is worth five in the phone book.”

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In these days when capitalism seems like the cause of all our problems rather than the solution to them, it is more than educational to read the latest letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders from Warren Buffett, an old school capitalist who believes that money should be made by adding value — for customers, shareholders, staff and society at large.

As always, Buffett’s letter is full of quotable portions but I was particularly taken by this segment on the Berkshire Hathaway railroad BNSF:

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By Asides and Business

As the operator and principal of a newly-birthed freelance business, I’ve been thinking a lot about entrepreneurship and this quote from bookseller and author Tim Waterstone helps:

You know, as an entrepreneur, and I hate calling myself an entrepreneur” – here our digression begins – “you don’t do it for the money at all, really you don’t; you’re doing it because you get caught up in an idea and you want that idea to work.” The ultimate achievement, according to Waterstone, is to see your vision realised, often against the odds: almost all entrepreneurs, he thinks, are fighting against received wisdom.

Waterstone was interviewed in The Guardian.