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Cinematica was the pod­cast pre­de­cessor of Rancho Notorious, exec­ut­ive pro­duced by Simon Werry, pro­duced by Dan Slevin and hos­ted by Simon, Dan and Kailey Carruthers.

It ran from 2011 to 2014 and, even though the ori­gin­al feed has dis­ap­peared, all the epis­odes are archived here.

The ori­gin­al copy­right is held by Simon’s Guns of Steel.

Cinematica: Bite Me!

By Audio, Cinema and Cinematica

Cinematica logoIt’s over a week since the last time I pub­lished a Cinematica pod­cast update and we’ve recor­ded and released two epis­odes since then.

Last week (22 November) we spoke to Gerard Smyth, dir­ect­or of When a City Falls about his doc­u­ment­ary and life in shud­dery Christchurch. You can listen to that epis­ode here:

In that show we also evis­cer­ate Twilight but talk up Project Nim.

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Cinematica: Contagious!

By Audio, Cinema and Cinematica

Here’s Episode #005 of Cinematica.This week I talk to James Croot from The Press and writer Rachael King, two Christchurch film fans, about being cinephiles in a city that’s lost sev­er­al movie theatres to earth­quakes. Contagion, Beginners, Last Train Home and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan are also reviewed.

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New Cinematica episode

By Audio, Cinema and Cinematica

Last night Kailey, Simon and I recor­ded Episode 5 of the new Cinematica pod­cast. In it we argue about The Debt, Anonymous and basic­ally agree on The Thing and I Don’t Know How She Does It. I was the only poor bug­ger who saw Conan the Barbarian. There’s news and banter in there too.

Here it is.

I recom­mend you head along to iTunes and sub­scribe so that you nev­er miss an epis­ode. And in a few weeks we’ll be broad­cast­ing each epis­ode live so keep an ear out for that.

Introducing Cinematica (Episode Two)

By Audio, Cinema and Cinematica

In today’s pro­gramme (ori­gin­ally pos­ted on 25 October 2011): 

Kailey spins some Beautiful Lies about the latest Audrey Tautou film, I’ll bring Paranormal Activity 3 out of the murk and, with the help of spe­cial guest Miriam Ross, our 3D expert, we’ll see wheth­er Wim Wenders sweeps us off our feet with his new dance doc­u­ment­ary Pina.