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Cinematica 2/18: Take This Waltz, Please

By Audio and Cinematica
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US politics in THE CAMPAIGN, modern love in TAKE THIS WALTZ, the dark side of the moon in IRON SKY and a British country house in CHEERFUL WEATHER FOR THE WEDDING. Also Academy Cinemas owner John Davies on the demise of the Vic in Devonport.

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Cinematica 2/17: Top hat, stern profile and silver-tipped axe

By Audio and Cinematica
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ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER and STEP UP 4 — the big 3D releases of the week with Miriam Ross; Jean Reno is THE CHEF and Kailey and Dan interview David Bruckner, co-director of one of the hottest horror films of the year — V/H/S

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Cinematica 2/16: Existential

By Audio and Cinematica
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We celebrate a New Zealand world premiere by interviewing Juliet Bergh, director of the post-apocalyptic western EXISTENCE; pick our faves from Week One of the NZFF and Bertrand Tavernier goes back to the 16th century for THE PRINCESS OF MONTPENSIER.

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Some Cinematica updates

By Audio, Cinema and Cinematica

Cinematica logoIt’s over a week since the last time I published a Cinematica podcast update and we’ve recorded and released two episodes since then.

Last week we spoke to Gerard Smyth, director of When a City Falls about his documentary and life in shuddery Christchurch. You can listen to that episode here:

In that show we also eviscerate Twilight but talk up Project Nim.

Last night Kailey, Simon and I reviewed Arthur Christmas, Immortals, Tomboy and Rest for the Wicked. We had able assistance from NZ actor John Leigh (Stickmen, We’re Here to Help, The Two Towers). It was fun.

Feel free to subscribe via iTunes (or if you are an Apple agnostic there’s a Feedburner subscription option), leave us feedback or ratings. There’s even a Facebook page where you can commune with other Cinematica fans — see the link to the right.

Introducing Cinematica

By Cinematica

Things have been mighty busy around here although it might not be evident in these pages. After eleven years in the same Newtown flat I finally moved last week. To Newtown. So, a gentleman of Newtown I remain.

Cinematica logoFreelance work has picked up after a horror start to the year and some of the projects are proving to be pretty exciting. One of those projects is now ready to launch: Cinematica, a weekly movie review podcast that I produce, edit and co-present with Simon Werry and Kailey Carruthers (from the Lighthouse Cinema chain).

We’ve recorded three episodes and they are all available now on iTunes and via the snazzy new website, (made by Ocular in Lyall Bay).

We record the show weekly (Tuesday evenings) and review every NZ new release as well as interview special guests. Over time, with support from local distributors, we hope to offer competitions, prizes, giveaways, etc. and maybe even promote our own special screenings.

It’s early days, of course, and we need an audience and their feedback to take the show to the next level. We’d really appreciate it if you could give us an audition, better still subscribe to us via the iTunes Store and then rate and review the show. That’s how we get better positioning in the store and how we grow the audience even more.

In a couple of weeks we will even start streaming the show live from Petone so listeners can contribute as it happens.

So. Exciting.

Anyway, here is last night’s show which features discussion of Drive, In Time, One Day, The Inbetweeners Movie and Fright Night:


I’m also particularly pleased with Episode 001 which features an interview with Tusi Tamasese, the writer/director of The Orator: