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Baraka Blu-ray

By Cinema and Gadgets

I bought a second hand Blu-ray player the other day on TradeMe. Now I know why:

Ron Fricks 1992 masterpiece Baraka. Every home should have one.

Ron Frick’s 1992 masterpiece Baraka. Every home should have one.

UPDATE: Evidently this is a Region 1 release only at the moment and the Blu-ray region coding  has yet to be broken. NZ is Region 2.

Blog recommendation: BoingBoingGadgets

By Gadgets

I can now safely ditch both Engadget and Gizmodo from my feeds. BoingBoing has added a tech blog written by Joel Johnson who, helpfully, can actually write:

In the strange fairy land of high-end retail, products like the Beo 5 remote control are allowed to flourish, despite glaring deformities like an awkward screen perched on a spindly neck, like a lolling Hapsburg prince too rich to be quietly sequestered but too ugly to be seen.

Meanwhile, I am successfully weaning myself off my own gadget desires until the prevailing personal economic situation improves but I will dream of one of these for a while:

Pioneer VSX-94TXH