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Colson Whitehead


By meta

Once again I stop by simply to apo­lo­gise for the lack of updates and for the reviews arriv­ing so late as to be all but use­less to a Wellington cinema-goer. What can I say? Life’s been a bitch. But things are look­ing up. Today I fin­ished read­ing “Sag Harbor” by Colson Whitehead at 2am, just in time to review it for Nine to Noon later this morn­ing. In between I man­aged 650 words for the Capital Times on Gomorrah, The Proposal and A Bunch of Amateurs.

Things should be get­ting easi­er over the next few weeks, but Film Festival is almost upon us and I have a stack of pre­view DVDs to get through. By the week­end I should have got all the out­stand­ing reviews up, and the “now show­ing” to your right will make some sense too. I’m even threat­en­ing to update WordPress to 2.8 and the blog theme too.

Tonight, though, I intend to have some din­ner out of the microwave, put the feet up on the couch and watch at least one stored epis­ode of Top Gear so it feels like a night off.