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A post that has two purposes

By meta

Crikey. The last post was sent up here on the 9th of April. I’m sure most read­ers have long giv­en up on see­ing any­thing new here but I haven’t.

Here’s a post that does two things:

  • reminds the Internet that I’m still here
  • allows me to test (once again) MarsEdit as a pos­sible replace­ment for ven­er­able but nev­er updated old ecto

So, the typ­ing seems to be going alright. Let’s try and stick an image in there and see what happens.


Keep it classy, Paramount Wellington

Here’s a pic­ture of the new poster dis­play boards out­side the Paramount in Wellington. While it’s nice to see them mak­ing an effort to tidy the place up a bit, it would have been even nicer if they had painted over the tag­ging on the wall before they did the work.

Now to push play on this post and see how it looks.