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A post that has two purposes

By June 9, 20102 Comments

Crikey. The last post was sent up here on the 9th of April. I’m sure most readers have long given up on seeing anything new here but I haven’t.

Here’s a post that does two things:

  • reminds the Internet that I’m still here
  • allows me to test (once again) MarsEdit as a possible replacement for venerable but never updated old ecto

So, the typing seems to be going alright. Let’s try and stick an image in there and see what happens.


Keep it classy, Paramount Wellington

Here’s a picture of the new poster display boards outside the Paramount in Wellington. While it’s nice to see them making an effort to tidy the place up a bit, it would have been even nicer if they had painted over the tagging on the wall before they did the work.

Now to push play on this post and see how it looks.


  • dfmamea says:

    1. i’m still reading ya.

    2. you don’t have to log in to publish? JHMFC.

  • Dan says:

    Good to know there’s a few die-hards still around.

    Three months of reviews are clogging the pipeline but I’l get there.

    MarsEdit ain’t the one true posting tool though which is a shame.