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jed bartlet

I miss Jed Bartlet

By Asides, Current Events, TV

Aaron Sorkin ima­gines former President Jed Bartlet giv­ing Candidate Obama a pep talk:

BARTLET That was a hell of a convention.

OBAMA Thank you, I was proud of it.

BARTLET I meant the Republicans. The Us versus Them-a-thon. As a Democrat I was sur­prised to learn that I don’t like small towns, God, people with jobs or America. I’ve been a little out of touch but is there a man­date that the vice pres­id­ent be skilled at field dress­ing a moose —

Like find­ing a lost epis­ode of “The West Wing”, this has made my day.

[via Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times]