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michael mckean

Review: Joshua, The Page Turner and Habana Blues

By Cinema, Reviews

Joshua posterSeveral times dur­ing the creepy psy­cho­lo­gic­al, pae­di­at­ric­al, thrill­er Joshua, stressed par­ents Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga are told to “just get a nanny”. If only they had, they may have got Scarlett Johansson and Joshua would have become a romantic com­edy with a bit of soft social com­ment­ary. Instead, they plough on par­ent­ing proudly, heed­less of the dam­age being done by troubled elder-son Joshua (Jacob Kogan), until it is too late.

Rockwell and Farmiga are a wealthy Manhattan couple. He invest­ment banks for bully Chester Fields (Michael McKean from Spinal Tap) while she unravels at home. When new baby Lily arrives 9 year old Joshua, a strangely self-possessed preppy child with that inab­il­ity to blink that in Hollywood usu­ally sig­nals sig­ni­fic­ant psy­cho­lo­gic­al dis­order or demon­ic pos­ses­sion, starts sys­tem­at­ic­ally des­troy­ing the fam­ily – includ­ing pets and grand­moth­ers – in order to pre­serve it.

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