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Cinematica 3/19: If this is 40, it ain’t so bad...

By Audio and Cinema

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It’s A Good to Die Hard, we get romantic with the Nicholas Sparks adaptation Safe Haven, Judd Apatow tells us that This is 40 and Simon and Dan interview Quartet producer Finola Dwyer.

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Review: Summer Holiday Roundup (2012/13)

By Cinema and Reviews

As I sit here typing, I can hear the sounds of a Wellington summer all around me — the rain pouring on to the deck outside and the wind howling through the trees. Is this why local film distributors release so much product over the Christmas/New Year period? Perhaps it’s just climate and nothing to do with the Oscars at all? Anyhow, here’s a quick summary of what’s been dished out at local cinemas in descending order of greatness.

First up, Ang Lee’s glowing 3D adaptation of Yann Martell’s Life of Pi, storming the local box offices and deservedly so. Ravishing to look at — and making profound rather than novelty use of the extra depth available — Lee’s film manages to distil the essence of the book’s message even if the ambiguous ending proves less satisfying cinematically than literarily. Dreamy. I was particularly taken by the conscious recreation of the book’s original cover in one scene, even to the extent of changing the film’s aspect ratio for that single shot.

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Cinematica 3/12: Faith Rewarded

By Audio
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Kailey tells us about going to the movies in Canada’s winter darkness and we review Wreck-It Ralph, Dustin Hoffman’s Quartet and the stunning epic Life of Pi by Ang Lee.

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