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sarah maxey

A new look for Funerals & Snakes

By meta

This week, as part of the gen­er­al rebirth of Funerals & Snakes, I’m proud to unveil a new masthead:


Designed by renowned Wellington graph­ic design­er and hand-lettering artist Sarah Maxey, it breathes some life (and some col­our) into the place.

You can see more examples of Sarah’s work at her own site and, for a few more days, at Bowen Galleries in Wellington.

There’ll be a few more changes com­ing up, not least of which will be post­ing all the film reviews that are clog­ging the place up. Weeks and weeks of them.

It’s all gravy


May I dir­ect your atten­tion to the new series of “The Gravy”, a top notch art doc­u­ment­ary series from Wellington’s Sticky Pictures. There’s a heap­in’ help­in’ of inter­est­ing con­tent lined up includ­ing a whole epis­ode on theatre-maker Jo Randerson and her show Good Night – The End (Downstage, Sep 2009). That’s S04E03, folks. Also of note, Wellington artist and design­er Sarah Maxey fea­tures in Episode Four.

The series is broad­cast on TVNZ7 (Freeview) from this Saturday, 5 December but the first epis­ode is now avail­able at TVNZ On Demand if you just can­’t wait: Warren Maxwell looks at art in Taranaki.

Here’s the sea­son trailer: