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the immortals

“the aurora that is SHATNER”

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Shatner inter­viewed in GQ (via @saniac):

Resistance is futile, of course. You aren’t in Shatner’s pres­ence ten minutes before he reverse-engineers your emo­tion­al state; first, you adopt those con­ver­sa­tion­al rhythms of his—everywhere, the jelly!—and then, by God, you start to feel the enthu­si­asm of your words, an enthu­si­asm inev­it­ably heightened by your know­ledge that this is WILLIAM TIBERIUS FUCKING SHATNER! you are deal­ing with, the most meta, the most absurd, human being in Western Civilization, and you fall in love with that meta-absurdity, the bon­anza of impun­ity and laughs it generates.

When I did The Immortals recently, the dir­ect­or and I had three short­cuts for line read­ings: Clarkson, Blessed and Shatner.

Boy, oh boy. No updates for a while

By Cinema, Wellington

I’ve been ser­i­ously busy since Christmas put­ting togeth­er a show for the Wellington Fringe (which has gone along very nicely, thank you for ask­ing). It’s called “The Immortals” and you can find out all about it here. There are only three more per­form­ances and after that I’ll be retir­ing from act­or­ing so if you are inter­ested in see­ing me per­form this week­end is your last chance.

I’ve man­age to file about four reviews for the Capital Times but haven’t had a chance to annot­ate, illus­trate and linky them up for you good people, an omis­sion which grieves me but that I can­not rem­edy until later in February (or maybe even March).

In the mean­time, one of my favour­ite film­makers appeared on my favour­ite pod­cast the oth­er day. Here’s the video ver­sion of Taika Waititi’s appear­ance on The Sound of Young America with Jesse Thorn, recor­ded live from a crowded hotel room in Park City, Utah, dur­ing Sundance.