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Cinematica 3/26: The Perks of Being a Neanderthal

By Audio and Cinematica

Cinematica_iTunes_200_cropThis week we argue the pros and cons of being a Wallflower, examine the Stone Age comedy The Croods plus the star-studded drama set in the world of classical music, Performance (aka A Late Quartet). Dan interviews Leandro Cavalcanti from the Reel Brazil film festival.

Review: Trance, Eternity, The Whale and The Perks of Being a Wallflower

By Cinema and Reviews


Danny Boyle is one of my favourite directors. From Shallow Grave in 1994 to 127 Hours in 2010, his work has stimulated and inspired me. I re-watched Trainspotting the other day and it still made everything else I saw that week seem old-fashioned. Everything, that is, except Trance which just happens to be Boyle’s new film, a return to cinemas after directing the biggest theatre show of all time — the Olympic Games opening ceremony which was seen by an audience of — ooh — about 900 million people.

Trance posterTrance returns Boyle to his $20m budget comfort zone and his new lightweight digital filmmaking style. It also reunites him with screenwriter John Hodge (Trainspotting) so it should be all systems go, yes?

Not quite. In Trance, James McAvoy plays an art expert with a problem. Instead of helping a gang of thugs steal a very expensive painting from his auction house he actually tries to steal it himself, getting a whack on the head for his trouble. Now he can’t remember where he left the painting and the gang are trying everything from fingernail-pulling to hypnotherapy to help him remember where it is.

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