Barry Lyndon

By December 3, 2009 4 Comments


  • Robyn says:

    My mum will be pleased to hear this. She is a chronic film sleeper, and sometimes needs to see a film two or three times to get the full story.

    I feel asleep during an 11pm session of Eyes Wide Shut (ha!). I woke up during the scene with the weird chanting and promptly got freaked right out.

  • Tom Ackroyd says:

    I was drunk when I went to see Eraserhead for the first time. Fell asleep after 10 minutes. Woke up to the sequence where Henry is throwing white worms at the wall. Was extremely perturbed.

  • Dan says:

    It’s kind of embarrassing to admit that, as a serious film reviewer, one has not seen Barry Lyndon but that one has seen Hotel for Dogs.

  • jeremy says:

    I have owned it for a while but only watched it over xmas. It is extraordinary and Kubrick is …

    WMT would have been delighted.