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Barry Lyndon

By December 3, 2009December 28th, 20114 Comments

Lars von Trier on Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon (via Kottke and Gruber):

I saw the film when it came out. I was in my early twen­ties. The first time I saw it, I slept.

Nothing wrong with sleep­ing through a film. I slept through The Matrix at the Embassy once.

By the way, of all the films I haven’t seen Barry Lyndon is the one I want to see first.


  • Robyn says:

    My mum will be pleased to hear this. She is a chron­ic film sleep­er, and some­times needs to see a film two or three times to get the full story.

    I feel asleep dur­ing an 11pm ses­sion of Eyes Wide Shut (ha!). I woke up dur­ing the scene with the weird chant­ing and promptly got freaked right out.

  • Tom Ackroyd says:

    I was drunk when I went to see Eraserhead for the first time. Fell asleep after 10 minutes. Woke up to the sequence where Henry is throw­ing white worms at the wall. Was extremely perturbed.

  • Dan says:

    It’s kind of embar­rass­ing to admit that, as a ser­i­ous film review­er, one has not seen Barry Lyndon but that one has seen Hotel for Dogs.

  • jeremy says:

    I have owned it for a while but only watched it over xmas. It is extraordin­ary and Kubrick is … 

    WMT would have been delighted.