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A A Gill goes to Tasmania

By April 10, 2007No Comments

A A Gill goes to Tasmania (from The Times):

No creature has grown so snugly into its name as the wom­bat, and they have this remark­able poo. It’s square. Wombats lay organ­ic dice – they have spe­cial bones in their back­sides for squeez­ing and shap­ing and sli­cing. The reas­on for the cubic turd is that wom­bats like to mark their ter­rit­ory neatly, and they lay their per­son­al Lego as high as pos­sible on logs and rocks so that it doesn’t get lost in the grass, and they’ve made it square so that it won’t roll off. Nanny nature thinks of abso­lutely everything.

When I learn to write prop­erly I want to write like A A Gill.