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Gosling “quits” Lovely Bones

By October 23, 2007No Comments

According to a story in Variety (picked up by Tom Cardy at Stuff), Ryan Gosling has quit Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones one day before prin­cip­al pho­to­graphy was due to begin in Pennsylvania cit­ing “creative differences”.

PJ has pre­vi­ous when it comes to last-minute, bold, cast changes: Viggo Mortensen was flown in to replace Stuart Townsend as Aragorn after only a week of shoot­ing The Lord of the Rings. In that instance it was a case of repla­cing a plank with an act­or which is under­stand­able. In this case, Gosling is to be replaced by Mark Wahlberg (no favour­ite of Funerals & Snakes) which seems like the oth­er way around.