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Upgrade breaks things (as usual) UPDATED

By February 4, 2008No Comments

Note to self: NEVER upgrade any­thing last thing at night!

Just upgraded WordPress to 2.3.2 and vari­ous things have broken includ­ing typo­graph­ic­al quotes like ’ and ” some of the side­bar func­tion­al­ity. Like the Now Showing in Wellington list of reviews.

For this I apologise.

It is too late in the even­ing to try fix­ing it now – and my Capital Times review is due first thing tomorrow.

Normal ser­vice will be resumed as soon as possible.

Update: Good news and bad news. The good news is that the latest ver­sion of K2 has it’s own code for three column lay­out and oth­er improve­ments which explains why my pre­vi­ous theme hadn’t been updated in so long. So, hello K2RC4. The bad news is that the typo­graph­ic­al prob­lems have been intro­duced by the upgrade and aren’t related to the theme. This means I have to go through, post by post, and cor­rect every instance. This might take a while but my trusty OCD will not leave any apo­strophe uncurled.

Everything else is back as it should be and I can re-post last night’s two items that I thought had broken everything.