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No updates for a while

By August 30, 2009October 14th, 2009No Comments

I’ve just started the process of migrating the blog (and the other sites I run) to a new host. For that reason I’m going to keep updates to a minimum (i.e. even less than usual) and backup the site so I can bring the thing up on the new host tomorrow.

UPDATE: Obviously this is a lot more complicated than I first thought. The images and uploads are still downloading from the old site and need to be re-uploaded tonight. The plugins and widgets, etc all need to be updated and the blogroll re-populated. Guess what I’m doing this weekend! Still, if you are reading this the DNS changes have worked and that’s something.

ANOTHER UPDATE (5 September, 4.18pm): Still struggling to get the old images seen by the new site (permissions problem) and I’ve also managed to completely munt the email address in the process of changing hosts. If you need to e‑mail me you can use dip.slovak<at> in the meantime.

LATEST UPDATE (11 September, 11.22am): Images are fixed, header is fixed. Sidebars will have to wait until the weekend. Internet only just restored at home/office after a three day outage where I couldn’t work on anything. It never rains but it pours, eh?