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No updates for a while

By August 30, 2009October 14th, 2009No Comments

I’ve just star­ted the pro­cess of migrat­ing the blog (and the oth­er sites I run) to a new host. For that reas­on I’m going to keep updates to a min­im­um (i.e. even less than usu­al) and backup the site so I can bring the thing up on the new host tomorrow.

UPDATE: Obviously this is a lot more com­plic­ated than I first thought. The images and uploads are still down­load­ing from the old site and need to be re-uploaded tonight. The plu­gins and wid­gets, etc all need to be updated and the blogroll re-populated. Guess what I’m doing this week­end! Still, if you are read­ing this the DNS changes have worked and that’s something.

ANOTHER UPDATE (5 September, 4.18pm): Still strug­gling to get the old images seen by the new site (per­mis­sions prob­lem) and I’ve also man­aged to com­pletely munt the email address in the pro­cess of chan­ging hosts. If you need to e‑mail me you can use dip.slovak<at> in the meantime.

LATEST UPDATE (11 September, 11.22am): Images are fixed, head­er is fixed. Sidebars will have to wait until the week­end. Internet only just restored at home/office after a three day out­age where I could­n’t work on any­thing. It nev­er rains but it pours, eh?