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Contempt gets a new revival print

By March 10, 2008No Comments

Terence Rafferty on Godard’s “radi­ant, ambigu­ous, serenely per­verse” clas­sic and it’s new reviv­al in New York:

The great­ness of “Contempt” is that Mr. Godard is not, finally, nos­tal­gic for the Homeric har­mony Lang speaks of. He knows that ship has sailed. In this pic­ture everything, ancient or mod­ern, “real” or “unreal,” has its own stunned dig­nity, and the movie wants us to see it all as beau­ti­ful — as its people, tra­gic­ally, can­not. Even early ’60s furniture.

Contempt, of course, gave this blog it’s name.