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Looking forward to 2010 NZFF #1

By August 2, 2009October 25th, 2009No Comments

Illness has forced me to miss the final week of this year’s Film Festival, which is somewhat disappointing but hasn’t stopped me from thinking about next year. My wish list for 2010 thus starts here with this clipping from a review of Lee Isaac Chung’s Munyurongabo:

The dream of the lightweight camera is to be able to go anywhere and capture any image. Of all the dreams films and film production have provided us with, it’s the one we’ve followed through the least. The transition from the Arriflex to 16mm to Super‑8 to VHS to the MiniDV camcorder and then to HD is for the most part the story of the filmmaker traveling inward. The logic seems to go that, if you have a camera that could fit into a piece of carry-on luggage, why would you ever leave the house?

[via The Auteur’s Notebook; Munyurongabo is also championed by Ebert here]