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“a record of a place and an age”

By May 1, 20112 Comments

The city of Christchurch has appeared in feature films infrequently. Philip Matthews uses those appearances as a way in to understanding the current — earthquake-devastated — state of the place:

How will we remember these places that have gone or are going? Photos and museum records, memories, references in literature (Kate De Goldi on Radio NZ some weeks back, in an emotional discussion of her city in fiction and poetry) and maybe in film too. What can cinema show us of the lost city?

[From second sight: Lost city: Christchurch on film]

Lovely writing, and important.


  • Robyn says:

    I saw “Goodbye Pork Pie” — for the very first time! — on the plane on the way to Japan. When it came to the scenes of Christchurch, it felt utterly heartbreaking. All the lovely inner city spots as they used to be. Even if Christchurch was probably a bit boring back then, a boring city is still better than a smashed-up city.

    Favourite thing about the “Heavenly Creatures” newsreel opening — it proudly notes that Christchurch is second only to Copenhagen in bicycle usage. Sigh.

    • Dan says:

      Thanks to Philip I now realise the paucity of feature film appearances for Christchurch and how lucky we are in Wellington to have those cameras rolling all the time — for our history and our sense of ourselves.