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  • Glenn Caulfield says:

    Started this episode wondering if there’d be a mention of Eli Wallach passing away, given The Good The Bad & The Ugly music in the podcast opening… then found out I’m about a week behind in listening so perhaps next time. Nice to hear more of Kailey on this episode, she didn’t seem to get much of a look in during episode 2. Got my NZIFF selections booked, hurrah. NZIFF is about the only time I go to the movies all year.

    • Dan says:

      I thought we got to Eli W in the news section of S01E03? But they do all tend to blend in to one big episode after a while. Thanks for listening and posting!

      • Glenn Caulfield says:

        Oopsy, I can’t put hand on heart saying I properly heard every word, so I’ll defer to you 🙂