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Dan and Kailey are joined by Sarah Watt, Liam Maguren, Tim Wong, David Larsen and Dominic Corry to celebrate the works of Ghibli, the famous Japanese animation studio, and talk about their favourite productions. They also review the Bill Murray vehicle St. Vincent and introduce the word “educashaming” to the world.

Show Notes

Tim Wong’s post “The long, friendly shadow of My Neighbor Totoro”  — Lumiere Reader

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The Incomparable podcast episode on Miyazaki — Wind is the Enemy

Time Out New York names Die Hard “Best Action Film of All Time”

Darren Aronofsky Named President of Berlin Film Fest Jury — Indiewire

Michael Shannon to play Nixon with Kevin Spacey as Elvis — Screen Daily


  • Jeff says:

    Hi Dan,

    I enjoyed your podcast and it’s great to hear Sarah, Tim, Liam, David and Dominic’s points about how Studio Ghibli’s work has touched them. 

    I would like to say I’m an avid fan and admirer of Studio Ghibli’s work. Miyazaki is one of My favourite artists and dream to be even half as good as he is. I have a small collection of Studio Ghibli’s work and would really love to add to it to inspire me, motive me, and show what greatness looks like.

    It will be greatly missed, not only for the technical brilliance but ability to tell a story that moves people and stands the test of time.