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Dan and Kailey are joined by Sarah Watt, Liam Maguren, Tim Wong, David Larsen and Dominic Corry to cel­eb­rate the works of Ghibli, the fam­ous Japanese anim­a­tion stu­dio, and talk about their favour­ite pro­duc­tions. They also review the Bill Murray vehicle St. Vincent and intro­duce the word “edu­casham­ing” to the world.

Show Notes

Tim Wong’s post “The long, friendly shad­ow of My Neighbor Totoro”  – Lumiere Reader

Cheap Tuesday podcast

The Incomparable pod­cast epis­ode on Miyazaki – Wind is the Enemy

Time Out New York names Die Hard “Best Action Film of All Time”

Darren Aronofsky Named President of Berlin Film Fest Jury – Indiewire

Michael Shannon to play Nixon with Kevin Spacey as Elvis – Screen Daily


  • Jeff says:

    Hi Dan,

    I enjoyed your pod­cast and it’s great to hear Sarah, Tim, Liam, David and Dominic’s points about how Studio Ghibli’s work has touched them. 

    I would like to say I’m an avid fan and admirer of Studio Ghibli’s work. Miyazaki is one of My favour­ite artists and dream to be even half as good as he is. I have a small col­lec­tion of Studio Ghibli’s work and would really love to add to it to inspire me, motive me, and show what great­ness looks like.

    It will be greatly missed, not only for the tech­nic­al bril­liance but abil­ity to tell a story that moves people and stands the test of time.