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Dwarf Gloin (Peter Hambleton) is interviewed at the Wellington premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Dan and Kailey try — and fail — to interview Advanced Style director Lina Plioplyte in Lithuania so decide to review the film instead. Plus, winners of the Studio Ghibli competition are finally announced.

Show Notes

Kailey on National Radio a couple of weeks ago!

The Wire in HD — David Simon

Sundance 2015 competition titles revealed

Manic Monday: What to Make of the Gothams, New York Film Critics, PGA and Annies — The Hollywood Reporter

The AACTA nominees for 2015


  • Brenda Carruthers says:

    Bravo, another great show Kailey & Dan! Thanks so much for clarifying that Canada is included in the North American Box Office numbers, we’re disappointed, but we’ll manage here in the ‘Great White North’.
    P.S. — I think the ‘grape juice’ is a lovely pre-show addition ????