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iTunes Sentience (pt 4)

By Asides, iTunes and Music

I haven’t remarked on the amazing powers of the iTunes shuffle facility for over two years but this one is a zinger. From Eminem’s angry attack on the Iraq War, “Mosh” (from the 2004 CD Encore) straight to Hendrix’s “Star Spangled Banner”. There are 17,000 songs in that playlist so a seque like that kind of freaks me out. It’s as if there’s a little man in there, programming it all, it really is.

iTunes Sentience (pt 3)

By iTunes and Music

OK, I know I haven’t fixed the colours but I’ve been away for a few days – the longest sustained absence of Internet in 10 years I realised yesterday (A family wedding in Christchurch if you must know).

But this really is freaky: The Million Dollar Quartet’s 1956 version of Don’t Be Cruel followed by Elvis’ original. With 1745 tracks on that playlist to choose from, iTunes becomes a radio-programming-God.

iTunes Sentience (pt 2)

By Hurricanes, iTunes, Music and Wellington

Gary Numan - Complex sleeveApologies for the lack of entries this week. The real world has intervened – but in a good way for a change. This sunny afternoon, preparing to take in my first two Fringe shows of the season, iTunes threw Gary Numan’s live version of Bombers at me, followed by New Order — Shellshock.

What a great way to start the weekend!

I’ll try and squeeze the Hurricanes and Cats in between shows and if I can pull that off I’ll be a very happy man.