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This morn­ing I sloped up to Radio New Zealand to review Richard Boock’s new bio­graphy of Bert Sutcliffe: “The Last Everyday Hero”. Kathryn’s a crick­et fan so, even though she had­n’t got to read­ing the book, we had plenty to talk about. Including an unex­pec­ted diver­sion into the sub­ject of Fleetwood Mac.

Listen here or down­load from the link below:


Book Review with Dan Slevin: “The Last Everyday Hero: The Bert Sutcliffe Story” by Richard Boock, pub­lished by Longacre Press – Random House NZ. (dur­a­tion: 7m 58s)

Nomads and imports

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Andy Bull (good British name) talk­ing about English crick­et’s nomads and imports in The Spin:

There is no need to mark a divid­ing line between those who arrived as chil­dren and those who made the decision later in life, just as there is no need to draw dis­tinc­tions between play­ers who have moved from Test-playing nations and those who haven’t. The point is that they decided to come at all. That is suf­fi­cient com­mit­ment in itself.

That sen­ti­ment is true for all walks of life, not just sport.

A Straight bat Outta Compton

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90 minutes away from the first day of the 1st Test of the Ashes from lovely Cardiff, here’s some­thing to warm the heart of any crick­et fan, the Compton Cricket Club from South Central LA rap about the game:


More on the Compton Cricket Club here, and here. I once toyed with writ­ing a screen­play based on these won­der­ful people until I dis­covered the story had already been optioned – as an opera. My ver­sion would a be rip­per, though, I assure you.

[Hat-tip The Guardian 11 Best Songs About Cricket]

A sighed aside

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Tonight marks the first night off I have had in quite a while. No Downstage, no study, no films to watch. I got home fully intend­ing to switch on the tv and watch the crick­et from Bangladesh, only to dis­cov­er that my Sky has been cut off – it’s that long since I switched it on. I only keep Sky for the irreg­u­lar West Ham games (only two so far this sea­son) and the crick­et and have to won­der if it’s worth it.

Well, obvi­ously it isn’t worth it and yet, I’ll be in to Sky tomor­row morn­ing to pay the bill.

So tonight I will be updat­ing the blog with last week’s film reviews, updat­ing the Academy web site for the new week’s ses­sions, and updat­ing the Voice Arts Trust web site with their first podcast.

Not much of a night off then, after all.

New Black Caps uniform - what the f-?

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It’s almost as if New Zealand Cricket want to make it hard to sup­port the Black Caps. What with sud­den, unex­pec­ted retire­ments and the loss of the Boxing Day Test, they now give us this fiasco:

Scotty Styris models the new Black Caps uniform despite the fact he probably wont get a game this summer.

Scotty Styris mod­els the new Black Caps uni­form des­pite the fact he prob­ably won’t get a game this summer.

[Hat tip to Hadyn at Public Address for the heads up and Richard Irvine at Sport Review for the pic]