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A sighed aside

By October 14, 2008No Comments

Tonight marks the first night off I have had in quite a while. No Downstage, no study, no films to watch. I got home fully intend­ing to switch on the tv and watch the crick­et from Bangladesh, only to dis­cov­er that my Sky has been cut off – it’s that long since I switched it on. I only keep Sky for the irreg­u­lar West Ham games (only two so far this sea­son) and the crick­et and have to won­der if it’s worth it.

Well, obvi­ously it isn’t worth it and yet, I’ll be in to Sky tomor­row morn­ing to pay the bill.

So tonight I will be updat­ing the blog with last week’s film reviews, updat­ing the Academy web site for the new week’s ses­sions, and updat­ing the Voice Arts Trust web site with their first podcast.

Not much of a night off then, after all.