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“philistines, foes of art, craven bottom-liners, vulgarians” ... and us

By Asides and Cinema

A dispiriting portrait of the current commercial cinema from Mark Harris in GQ:

Such an unrelenting focus on the sell rather than the goods may be why so many of the dispiritingly awful movies that studios throw at us look as if they were planned from the poster backward rather than from the good idea forward. Marketers revere the idea of brands, because a brand means that somebody, somewhere, once bought the thing they’re now trying to sell.

[From The Day the Movies Died: Movies + TV: GQ]

This is sadly a must-read for anyone who still enjoys going to the pictures but is wondering why they still bother.

Interestingly, this is the third GQ article I have linked to here in the last 12 months (Shatner and Shandling) and yet I still maintain my subscription to Esquire and haven’t actually bought a GQ in nearly 15 years. I may need to reassess that.

“Hey now!”

By Asides and TV

The great Garry Shandling describing Rip Torn’s audition for “The Larry Sanders Show”:

Rip came in for the first time, and his agent said he wouldn’t read. Weeks later it was just him and me in a room with no one else, and I said to Rip, “Could we read half of this together?” And he said, “I don’t want to read.” I said, “That’s totally fine,” and I pushed it to the side of the table. We talked for less than another minute, and he reached over and took the page, and he starts the scene. It’s like trying to describe a good date to a friend the next day. I had to say to HBO and everybody else, “Honestly, this is the best sex I have had.”

[From Garry Shandling Recalls ‘Larry Sanders,’ —]

The Larry Sanders Show” is finally getting the full DVD treatment (I am a happy owner of Season One). And, oh man, I’ve just discovered that the complete “It’s Gary Shandling’s Show” is on Region 1 DVD. Must. Have.

And on the subject of “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show”, here’s the famous theme tune:


And while we’re on the subject of Garry, please read this extended interview with the man at GQ. That is all.

The direction I’m going in is eventually you won’t know if it’s a joke or not,” he explains, describing his new act, which he has been quietly testing in clubs where his name never appears on the marquee. “What I want to happen is that I talk for an hour and the audience doesn’t realize it is funny until they’re driving home.”

“the aurora that is SHATNER”

By Asides, Cinema and TV

Shatner interviewed in GQ (via @saniac):

Resistance is futile, of course. You aren’t in Shatner’s presence ten minutes before he reverse-engineers your emotional state; first, you adopt those conversational rhythms of his—everywhere, the jelly!—and then, by God, you start to feel the enthusiasm of your words, an enthusiasm inevitably heightened by your knowledge that this is WILLIAM TIBERIUS FUCKING SHATNER! you are dealing with, the most meta, the most absurd, human being in Western Civilization, and you fall in love with that meta-absurdity, the bonanza of impunity and laughs it generates.

When I did The Immortals recently, the director and I had three shortcuts for line readings: Clarkson, Blessed and Shatner.