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By Asides

Time to draw your atten­tion to a couple of bits of media that I’ve enjoyed recently, namely an excel­lent art­icle by William Langewiesche in Vanity Fair about Captain “Sully” Sullenberger and the ‘mira­cu­lous’ land­ing on the Hudson River back in January. Langewiesche tells the story of the spe­cif­ic flight adroitly but also man­ages to tie it to mod­ern air­craft man­u­fac­ture, pilot polit­ics and even has a hint of a Right Stuff “what makes a pilot” going on too. Superb and engrossing.

In a dif­fer­ent arena entirely, I can recom­mend you down­load and listen to Elvis Mitchell’s inter­view with Rusell Brand, a fam­ous West Ham fan and some­times annoy­ing pres­ence as an act­or who I had thought was inex­plic­ably pop­u­lar. Well, now, thanks to Elvis, it is explic’d. I get it. In the inter­view Brand is pro­mot­ing the US edi­tion of “My Booky Wook” and he is funny, supremely intel­li­gent, spir­ited and self-aware. And he talks at 100mph. Download the inter­view from the KCRW site here, or down­load to the reg­u­lar pod­cast via iTunes here. Mitchell is a former crit­ic for The New York Times and his pro­gramme The Treatment is the most con­sist­ently intel­li­gent half hour on cinema on the web.

iTunes Sentience (pt 3)

By iTunes, Music

OK, I know I haven’t fixed the col­ours but I’ve been away for a few days – the longest sus­tained absence of Internet in 10 years I real­ised yes­ter­day (A fam­ily wed­ding in Christchurch if you must know).

But this really is freaky: The Million Dollar Quartet’s 1956 ver­sion of Don’t Be Cruel fol­lowed by Elvis’ ori­gin­al. With 1745 tracks on that playl­ist to choose from, iTunes becomes a radio-programming-God.

iTunes Sentience (pt 2)

By Hurricanes, iTunes, Music, Wellington

Gary Numan - Complex sleeveApologies for the lack of entries this week. The real world has inter­vened – but in a good way for a change. This sunny after­noon, pre­par­ing to take in my first two Fringe shows of the sea­son, iTunes threw Gary Numan’s live ver­sion of Bombers at me, fol­lowed by New Order – Shellshock.

What a great way to start the weekend!

I’ll try and squeeze the Hurricanes and Cats in between shows and if I can pull that off I’ll be a very happy man.