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kathryn ryan

Nine to Noon

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Nine to Noon podcast iconFollowers of the Twitter feed (and “friends” on Facebook) will have been aler­ted to the fact that I am the new reg­u­lar film review­er on Radio New Zealand National’s Nine to Noon pro­gramme,  hos­ted for many years by the estim­able Kathryn Ryan. I’ve been a fill-in on that show – and sev­er­al oth­ers – for a few years now and I was thrilled when I got the call ask­ing me to get my boots on and start warm­ing up for a place in the first team.

Appearances are fort­nightly and I can­’t prom­ise that reg­u­lar Cinematica listen­ers won’t hear the occa­sion­al bit of repeated mater­i­al. I’m only human, after all. For those that haven’t heard the slot before, here is the item from October 10.

I’ll be back in the stu­dio on Thursday to talk about Captain Phillips and Beyond the Edge 3D – on air from about 11.50am.

Feeling upbeat

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I just got in from a blustery jour­ney to Radio New Zealand to appear on (what we used to call) the Concert Programme to talk about this year’s Film Festival. Concert FM has an excel­lent daily magazine show called Upbeat, hos­ted by Eva Radich, and I sus­pect this is the first time that Merle Haggard has been played on that earn­est station.

[audio:–1242-dan_slevin-048.mp3|titles=Dan Slevin reviews films show­ing at this year’s NZ International Film Festival. (14?13?)]

For radio nerds like me this was a very enjoy­able vis­it. The Concert FM booth is just like the old ZM one I worked at in the late 80s, very manu­al, faders and CD play­ers, etc. The Nine to Noon booth at Radio New Zealand National is for voice only and Kathryn Ryan has an oper­at­or in anoth­er room push­ing all the play­back but­tons. I want the Concert stu­dio in my own home. Swoon.